Simple solution for the time of the pandemic

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What to do nowadays?

A time of global epidemic is forcing all of us to change our way of thinking and acting. Our beloved tango must wait for the days when numerous festivals, marathons and milongas return. However, we do not want to give up our passion and work.

Therefore, we invite you to participate in online LIVE classes. This new style of teaching will allow you to continue learning by participating in group or individual classes and consultations. And what is more, we don’t want to lose contact with you, our students, friends and Tangueros.

This space is for Students, Tango Teachers and Schools and for anyone interested in learning online or exchanging experiences. The website is based on video conferences. All you need is a computer with an access to internet, a camera and a few square meters of space in your home!

Welcome to TangoCorona!

Brigita & Carlos Rodriguez, Agata Czartoryska & Michał Kaczmarek
project designers

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