We have decided to be active!

The TangoCorona project is directed to Students, Teachers and everyone interested in belonging to the online tango community. Under these current special circumstances, this common action will allow us to continue to educate ourselves, find new ways to get to know each other and discover tango in a completely different perspective. We believe it’s the most important not to lose contact with all of You - teachers, friends and colleagues. We also want to keep teaching and learning, because it is our passion, bringing us the greatest joy, especially in these difficult times.
This is why we are inviting you to be active together with us. The TangoCorona platform connects tango teachers and students, offering online possibilities for group, individual and other tango activities. Using the simplest available solutions, it gives everyone an opportunity to participate in classes through just having a computer with a camera and a microphone. It also gives the teachers the possibility to work, which is probably their main source of income at the moment.
We are happily inviting you to this form of enjoying tango, the greatest life passion for all of us !



Brigita Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez

Agata Czartoryska

Michał Kaczmarek

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