Dear friends!

The idea is very simple. We continue our classes and our work through the internet.

Thanks to unique solution, which we figured out, we can easily meet any number of our students, giving lessons on the distance. This way You can have your LIVE ONLINE CLASSES at a certain time of the day, both group and individual. We will provide you with all necessary tecnical tools. All you need is a computer with a camera, microphone and a high-quality internet access (in some cases a smartphone would also be enough).

How does it work?

  1. Your classes will be available on
  2. Students register and pay through the platform in a very simple way. It’s possible to sign up for a class up to 30 minutes before its start.
  3. Students receive a direct link to your class.
  4. At a certain time you will meet LIVE with your students.
  5. We are making sure that everything works out properly.
  6. Everybody enjoys the lesson :).

What if I want to offer individual lessons?

  1. Of course it’s possible to do it through free tools available on the internet.
  2. However if you decide to do it with us, we will offer you a private virtual room, which will be available LIVE only for you and your student(s) during this specific time, together with all technical and professional tools and assistance.
  3. Your class will be available on
  4. Students register and pay through the platform in a very simple way. After that, they receive the link to the class.
  5. Enjoy your class :).

As you can see, everything is simple, transparent and easy. Our mission is to create solidarity support for everyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to ours. During the times of coronavirus, we can adjust our functioning to this new way, run our classes, have contact with students and support one another.

So nowadays instead of seeing competition among ourselves, it’s time to develop and see our global community in a different way.


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